Spitfire Wingman
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Retirement - Part 2

Chapter 30: "I hate to boast, but, believe it or not, I used to lay my lit pipe on the dash of that bird and do a slow roll where the pipe would just sit and rock a bit throughout the maneuver."

In 1972 the Colonel trades his homebilt for a 1951 Temco Swift...

"In the South a 'splo' is a shot of alcoholic refreshment.""I'd run out of small boys to do all the polishing the Swift required."

...then sells his interest in "The Splo Bird" to become a proud 150 owner...


A widely reknown figure at the Smyrna, Tennessee Airport!

...in which he is a sought-after flight instructor for the next 20 years!

Harry Ringler's Stearman that got away from his wife on startup.The Colonel often held forth from his old brown diesel Rabbit.

"Next time try a little more right rudder..."

With "girlfriends" Judy Gilley and Deborah BaughWho never failed to honor his birthdays

...earning the love and admiration of hundreds at the Smyrna Airport...


He was always looking for someone willing to "just go fly."

...including daughter-in-law Peggy Haun...

He blurted out, "That's my plane!"

...who takes him for a surprise...

This was probably the plane he took the Congressmen in to witness the first atomic tests in New Mexico.

...to see an old girlfriend: Connie 609 from Washington National!

Reminiscing with former crew chief Durward Willoughby and a current crew member.Two strong men helped him up the stairway and all the way into the front seat.

...now an airborne museum.  He declares, "I could still fly this!"


A place of special honor at his last Smyrna Air Show.His spirit remained forever unchanged.

This respected "QB" (Quiet Birdman) on his 89th birthday, Sept. 2000.


His two funeral requests: 1: The poem HIGH FLIGHT be read and 2: His pallbearers be all former flying students.

Final Flight - April 2, 2001


"Yes, Virginia, you can fly the C-54 solo."


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